august, 2017

sat5aug6:30 PM- 8:30 PMPan Rudnicki i Samochody (Mr. Rudnicki and the Cars)Kew Gardens Cinemas Block 3 - Short Narrative6:30 PM - 8:30 PM EST

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Mr. Rudnicki and The Cars

Comedy of manners with an action twist. Main hero, Janusz Rudnicki, is an inconspicuoust proofreader in a local newspaper, a homemade awaiting arrival of a first-born. Because of that, he decides to sell a car and head to Germany, to purchase a station wagon. Stopping in the wrong place and in the wrong time, he gets accidentaly involved in a conflict with the auto-theft group. Fighting to survive, he helps to arrest the thieves, gaining gratitude of the police and learning, that he has a potential to do things he had never suspected himself to capable of.

Director : Andrzej Mańkowski 

Executive Producer: HOP! Media – BeataHrycyk-Mańkowska

Year of Production: 2016

Country of Origin: Poland

Total Runtime: 30 minutes

About the Director

Born in 1973. Film and theatre director, scriptwriter and film producer. Inventor and producer of “Decalogue 89+” – a short feature films cycle. Author of the documentary MUSIC LESSON (Silver Medal at 2007 URTI Festival in Monte Carlo and Prix Italia 2007) and the tv feature THE RUBY WEDING (the Laboratorium Award on the 10-th Polish Film Festival Los Angeles). Also co-opetares with Polish TV as a director and producer of reportages and tv programs. Filmography:

„Gdynia”, documentary, 30’, 2006

„The Music lesson”, documentary, 25’, 2006

„The Ruby Wedding”, tv feature, 44’, 2008

„Yoko Ono’s cups”, short feature, 22, 2010

„Tournee”, documentary, 33’, 2010

„Children calling”, documenatry, 30’, 2014

“Bokiniec and The Movie”, documentary, 52, 2015

“On duty of a nation. Police and secret service in comunist Poland”, documentary, 57′, 2015

“Mr. Rudnicki and cars”, feature, 30, 2016

“Przemek Dyakowski. Life in jazz”, documentary, 53’, 2017

„Mr. Rudnicki and The Cars” – Ekipa (staff):

Reż./Dir.: Andrzej Mańkowski

Scen./Script: Oriana Kujawska

Zdj./DoP: Andrzej Juński

Sceno: Agnieszka Modelska-Paluch, Katarzyna Kańska

Char.: Magdalena Dusza

Kost.: Agnieszka Modelska-Paluch, Katarzyna Kańska

Dźw. i udźw.: Marcin Kowalczyk

Mont: Andrzej Juński, Andrzej Mańkowski

Obsada/Cast: Arkadiusz Brykalski, Magdalena Schejbal, Katarzyna Z. Michalska, Krzysztof Bartoszewicz

Rok Prod./Prod. Year: 2016

Czas/Time: 30’




(Saturday) 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM