august, 2017

sat5aug1:00 PM- 3:00 PMStreetwriteKew Gardens Cinemas Shorts Block 1 - Short Experimental1:00 PM - 3:00 PM est

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Political graffiti has a long history dating back to the walls of Ancient Rome. It represents an alternative means of expression that gives voice to the issues and concerns of the common people. This tradition of free expression forms the basis of STREETWRITE, a movie musical that asks the question, “How can speech be free, if only those who pay can speak?” Using street art as a focal point, the film examines the various ways people struggle to express themselves in situations where free speech is curtailed or suppressed. It also explores how certain kinds of expression can be repressive to individuals. Originally written and composed musical numbers convey these topics through a series of vignettes, and the arguments that ensue are debated in a courtroom sequence. Graffiti, public murals, commercial billboards and hallway posters form the visual backdrops that exemplify these issues. The film was fully funded by the New York Film Academy (NYFA) with an international cast of talented Musical Theater Department students working alongside NYFA professional faculty of artists and staff. Original movie musicals are a part of the NYFA’s Musical Theatre conservatory curriculum; the only musical theatre program teaching both musical theatre for the stage and film. STREETWRITE was written and directed by Blanche Baker, an Emmy Award winning actress and Senior Faculty member of the New York Film Academy, and the film was shot by Piero Basso, an award winning Director of Photography.


Country of Origin: United States

Runtime: 23:00 minutes


Director: Blanche Baker

Director of Photography: Piero Basso AIC

Production Designer: Nancy Maloy

Editor: Lexi Phillips
Key Cast
Mackinnley Bowden
Tony LaLonde
Anita Petrich
Rafaela Raposo
Priscilla Sampaio
Kami Visitsak
Jason York
David Klein
Wysandria Woolsey
Michael Laibson
Angel Martinez
Noah Parnes
CorBen Williams
Jessica Fernando
Serra Duran
Kiana Honarmand
Proof Reed Schubert
Cameron Knowlton
Paul Eldredege
Kate Gauthier
Lucy Buyenyezi
Steffanie Burchette
Ethan Blondel
Dee Dixon
Aaliyah Jones
 Keven Diaz


(Saturday) 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM